Who are the new Ghostbusters?

The four female Ghostbusters have just been announced, but where do you know them from?

The Ghostbusters have some new recruits, with director Paul Feig officially announcing the cast for his upcoming, all-female reboot. Well, he didn’t say their names, but he did post a nice picture:


He also announced the release date…

…but who exactly are you going to call next July? Here are your new paranormal professionals.

 Kristen Wiig


The stars of Bridesmaids are going on the hen night from hell (or at least another astral plane). Wiig co-wrote and starred in the brutally hilarious film, also directed by Feig. Bridesmaids is seen as inspiring the new wave of female-led blockbusters, as it proved their pulling power at the box office.

Before that, Wiig was one of the longest serving cast members in Saturday Night Live’s history. A cornerstone of the venerable live comedy sketch show (which also featured original Ghostbusters Dan Ackroyd and Bill Murray back in the day) her stint from 2005 to 2012 covered Tina Fey’s time as head writer. One of the most dependable and adaptable of the regular cast, she could improvise her way out of problems on camera, a skill the writers often deliberately pushed to the limits. (See the above video for evidence.)

Wiig is simply one of the funniest people on Earth.

 Melissa McCarthy

Another former Bridesmaid and regular Feig collaborator, McCarthy can do everything from gross-out humour to touching sentimentalism to balls-out action. Audiences first got to know her as Lorelai’s best friend Sookie in Gilmore Girls, before she landed the lead in plus size sitromcom Mike & Molly. 

As well as her TV work, McCarthy is becoming a major box office draw. As well as Bridesmaids, she co-starred in buddy cop film The Heat with Sandra Bullock, and is the titular intelligence agent in the upcoming Spy, also starring Britain’s own Miranda Hart. Guess who is director of both films?

Paul Feig is a good friend to have.

 Kate McKinnon

Another Saturday Night Live alum, McKinnon is weird. Nutso. There’s something disconcerting behind those eyes, and she isn’t afraid to play that up, taking normal and everyday situations and twisting them until they’re something dark and disturbing. Perfect for Ghostbusters.

After a somewhat slow start on the show, she is widely seen as inheriting Wiig’s place as SNL’s MVP. This is partly due to her incredible facility for voices and impressions. She has strong females like Angela Merkel and Ellen DeGeneres down pat, but some of her most impressive transformations are boys. Check out her Justin Bieber (above). Take it from us: one day she’ll be a superstar.

 Leslie Jones


And finally, another current cast member on…wait for it…Saturday Night Live. SNL is traditionally racially lopsided, and Jones got the job after a call went out for new African American female comedians in an effort to redress the balance. She made a big impression immediately. Probably one of the bravest cast members when it comes to political humour, her jokes about race relations have often been controversial in America.


Unlike the other new Ghostbusters, Jones’s background is in standup rather than sketch comedy, giving her an intense stage presence. Aged 47, she is actually the oldest comedian ever to join SNL. With her brash, endless energy, you’d never know.