EastEnders boss promises “shocking” climax to Linda and Dean rape plot

Plus Kellie Bright on what she wants to see from the storyline - "I've been feeling very strongly that Linda should have a face to face with Dean"


EastEnders executive producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins has promised that Dean Wicks will eventually get his comeuppance after raping Linda Carter – but not in the way that viewers might necessarily expect.


“There will be justice. And how it’s meted out will be satisfying but shocking too,” the show boss commented to RadioTimes.com. 

Linda was raped back in October 2014, and has been seen in recent episodes reporting the crime to the police. However, Treadwell-Collins has said previously that Dean will not face trial for what he has done. “The easy and wrong way would be to have Dean arrested and taken off to prison. That’s not what happens. I’d love to have done a big trial – we won’t be doing a trial,” he said last year.

Now, in an interview at last night’s Radio Times Covers Party, Treadwell-Collins revealed that it was also important to put the Carters at the forefront of the drama rather than the police:

“We’re not The Bill. That show was about the police solving things. I don’t have main characters who are police officers. We have tried very hard to create police characters who are interesting and who have their own stories. And there are more police twists coming up. But that’s not who my viewers are tuning in to see.

“They want to see Linda and Mick. They’re the people they care about and not the police. So the police solving it is not satisfying for the viewer.”

Kellie Bright – who plays Queen Vic landlady Linda Carter – also spoke about how she’d like to see the emotive plotline progress. Favouring a showdown between her character and Matt Di Angelo’s, the actress said:

“Recently, I’ve been feeling very strongly that Linda should have a face to face with Dean. There are a lot of people fighting for Linda and I personally want to see Linda fight for herself.”


You can see a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below: