Mission: Impossible 5 – what do we know so far?

The new sequel is coming sooner than we thought - here's what else we know (and what we don't) about the upcoming Tom Cruise blockbuster

The Mission: Impossible film series has been around for almost as long as any single member of One Direction (it started in 1996) – but it’s still going strong, with the release date of the fifth film now brought forward from December/2016 to this summer.


So what can we expect from the follow-up to 2011’s hugely successful Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol?

The cast

Tom Cruise is in it (of course), as Impossible Mission Force agent Ethan Hunt, and he’s accompanied as ever by Ving Rhames as computer hacker Luther Stickell – the only other actor to appear in every Mission: Impossible film (though in Ghost Protocol he only had a cameo).

British actor/writer Simon Pegg returns as hapless agent Benji Dunn after appearing in Mission: Impossible 3 and Ghost Protocol, with the latter film’s Jeremy Renner (aka former agent William Brandt) also coming back.

New faces this time around include Swedish actress Rebecca Ferguson (best known as the lead of BBC1’s The White Queen), Alec Baldwin as the head of the CIA and our own Sean Harris (of Jamaica Inn/’mumblegate‘ fame) in the role of lead antagonist. Presumably his dastardly quirk will be to tell everyone his devilish plans but be completely inaudible while doing so.

The director

Sadly, Ghost Protocol’s director Brad Bird isn’t coming back for this film, nor Mission Impossible 3’s JJ Abrams (though he is a producer) – instead, Christopher McQuarrie (who worked with Cruise on Jack Reacher) is taking the reins this time.

The story

Er, not sure yet – but we have a hunch it’ll involve an inordinately difficult task that literally can’t be done. “This is not Mission Possible…”

The title

It seems unlikely they’ll go with Mission: Impossible 5 after calling the fourth film Ghost Protocol, right? It’s just confusing. No word on what it might actually be, though.

The setting

As ever, the new Mission: Impossible film jets off to lots of exotic locations with actors spotted filming in Vienna (including at an opera house), Morocco, Monaco and the Houses of Parliament in London – where Tom Cruise was almost hit by a red bus while filming a scene. Even for secret agents, commuting in London is murder…

The stunts

We know that one stunt, performed by Cruise himself, involves him being strapped to a military plane (below) – and the filmmakers will generally be trying to top Cruise’s increasingly insane and impressive movie stunts.

The release date

This has been rather hastily changed from December of this year to July 31st, probably to avoid competition with Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens and James Bond film Spectre. Hopefully they can get it all done in time…

The music

Well, McQuarrie’s composer for Jack Reacher (Joe Kraemer) is doing the score – but if we’re completely honest we’ll all be flocking to the cinema this July for this:


Mission: Impossible 5 will be released on 31st July