Five reasons David Tennant will make a great Marvel villain

Here's why the former Doctor Who will be superb as the Purple Man in AKA Jessica Jones


David Tennant may be best known as a certain Time Lord hero (we’re talking about the Doctor in Doctor Who, that’s what we’re talking about) but his next role couldn’t be further away. The Purple Man in Marvel’s AKA Jessica Jones may have a stupid name and raspberry flavour skin, but if Netflix’s series follows the comic books, he is a thoroughly nasty piece of work. 


No, seriously, this isn’t Tom Hiddleston’s well spoken, debonair Loki we are talking about. The Purple Man has the power to completely control people, making them do whatever he says. Robbing banks is a cinch: the tellers will simply hand over the money. Telling everyone in a fast food restaurant to beat each other to death? That’s more Purple Man’s style. He is a mass murdering, manipulative rapist. And David Tennant is perfect to play him. Here’s why.


1. David Tennant can play villainous

The Doctor may be a hero, but Tennant has played villains and dark characters before. His most famous film role is probably as the conniving Barty Crouch Jr in Harry Potter, while brutal roles in the likes of The Escape Artist shows he can handle a dark (purple) tone.

Also, consider this: Tennant has repeatedly hinted at his interest in appearing in Hannibal, the prequel TV series following the early days of Hannibal Lecter. Alias Jessica Jones, the comic book inspiration for the new TV series, draws heavy inspiration from Silence of the Lambs: as the comics begin, Jones must ask advice from The Purple Man, currently locked in a high security prison. Plus who could forget the ‘Time Lord Victorious’, when his version went too far and crossed over to the dark side?

2. David Tennant can play manipulative

His Doctor may have been giddy much of the time, but he often manipulated enemies into destroying themselves. Indeed, there were about 20 episodes where villains like Davros accused the Doctor of turning his companions into ‘soldiers’. Even in person, he’s a master at manipulating journalists, keeping secrets and guiding the conversation the way he wants it to go. David Tennant is mesmeric already.

3. David Tennant is a small man

He’s certainly a handsome fellow, but Tennant is hardly a beefcake. Indeed, ‘skinny boy in suit’ was one of his nicknames on Doctor Who. His slight stature is perfect for a villain who is less of a physical threat (the superstrong Jessica Jones can knock him out in one punch) than a psychological foe. 

4. David Tennant in a suit 

The Purple Man is never short of money (see intro re:banks) and he lives well: only the finest tailoring. DT’s got that covered.


5. David Tennant looks good purple

Any questions?