First trailer for Fantastic Four superhero reboot swoops in

The remake of the heroic quartet will star Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Jamie Bell and Michael B Jordan

The first teaser trailer has dropped for The Fantastic Four reboot – and, well, Interstellar fans might find it a bit familiar. The intense voiceover, dusty car journeys, cornfields and spacesuit-clad journeys to other realms? Maybe Christopher Nolan will be having a word…


Still, sci-fi similarities aside the film looks pretty atmospheric and grungy in keeping with director Josh Trank’s indie superhero hit Chronicle, which also examined the consequences of young people being given amazing power but didn’t have half a century of comics lore to live up to.

First appearing in Marvel comics in 1961, The Fantastic Four were a group of adventurers who gained superpowers after flying their rocket through cosmic radiation, later becoming a popular team of superheroes who took on villains while also carrying out scientific exploration and research.

However, this film’s interpretation of the characters seems based more on the “Ultimate” comics reboot of the characters, which ran from 2004-2009 and imagined them as modern-day teenagers in a government think tank who were briefly transported to an alternate reality, transforming them into super-powered young ‘uns still under the care of Uncle Sam.

Fantastic Four stars Miles Teller (Whiplash) as genius team leader Reed Richards/Mr Fantastic, who gains the ability to stretch his body (OK, not all powers are winners); House of Cards’ Kate Mara as Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman, in this version of the story some kind of scientist herself with the abilities to turn invisible and project force fields; Chronicle’s Michael B Jordan as Sue’s impulsive brother Johnny/The Human Torch, who can burst into flames and fly; and Billy Elliot’s Jamie Bell as the super-strong but disfigured Ben Grimm/The Thing, who is basically made of rocks and very sad about that.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ Toby Kebbell will also appear as arch-villain and sorcerer Doctor Doom, who is portrayed in the new film as a dissatisfied hacker who turns to evil.

We don’t get to see Kebbell in this teasiest of teaser trailers, which gives very little plot away and doesn’t even show much of the stars – but we do get glimpses of most of the main four’s powers, a hint of military conspiracy and a bit where Kate Mara’s hair changes colour for no apparent reason.

Earlier film version of the characters were played by Ioan Grufudd, Jessica Alba, Chris Evans (who went on to play another Marvel hero, Captain America) and Michael Chiklis in two films from 2005-2007, until a reboot was ordered by 20th Century Fox due to poor box office performance.


Fantastic Four will be released in the UK on the 6th  August