David Attenborough: Modern children aren’t seeing enough nature

Veteran naturalist says he wants kids to get out and see more of the natural world - but warns that this isn't possible because of increasing pressure on space

David Attenborough has a big worry; children aren’t seeing enough of the natural world.


“It worries me like mad,” says the veteran presenter, pointing to the fact that the increasing population and pressures on schools mean that their open spaces are getting eaten up by more and more buildings.

“The Government says primary schools has to increase [so there are] more kids and larger classes, and the progress that we’ve made in converting playgrounds into nature places is now being reversed because people are having to build places to accommodate the children.

“Every child I’ve ever met is fascinated by the natural world. I remember taking a five-year-old out into a meadow in Oxfordshire and he lifted up a stone on the ground and said, ‘Oooh, look Uncle David, a slug. What a treasure!’ And of course, he’s right. Kids are fascinated by the natural world and as life goes on, there’s other things to interest kids and so there’s less space for the natural world.”


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