A pick of the best 2015 US TV pilots

US networks NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX have started solidifying their 2015-2016 line-ups - we've selected some of the pilots we think have a good chance of going to series...

A glimpse at the US network’s 2015-2016 line ups show a lot of the familiar…


Comedies about the daily struggles of the workplace or suburbia, police dramas tinged with mystery and action and, yes, the now obligatory comic book series.

The emergence of streaming sites like Netflix and the continuing hit factories in the shape of the premium cable networks have upped the competition level for traditional TV networks and left pressure on studios to bring in big productions and even bigger ratings.

Not every pilot will make it to the very end, but here’s our pick of the standouts that hold some promise of longevity. 

Luther (FOX)

FOX learned the hard way that adaptations aren’t necessarily a guarantee for success, but we have our fingers crossed for its next attempt. While not reprising his role as DCI John Luther, Idris Elba will serve as an executive producer to the crime drama about a near-genius murder detective. Creator Neil Cross will come on as a writer, promising a somewhat consistent feel to the edition.

The Catch (ABC)

Shondaland continues its path for television domination by adding this latest drama to its arsenal.  The Catch follows what’s sure to be a powerhouse female forensic accountant who specialises in exposing fraud for a living. Underneath the surface she struggles with a tumultuous love life and batch of secrets. We expect nothing but perfection from Shonda Rhimes, the creator and producer also behind Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal. 

Telenovela (NBC)

Taking a cue from ABC-cousin Nashville, Telenovela follows an actress’s fight to remain relevant while giving a “behind-the-scenes” feel to the industry. Eva Longoria will star in the 13-episode series as Ana Maria, the reigning Latin American telenovela star. Longoria’s run on Desperate Housewives proves she has the perfect flare for dramatics and will bring some serious heat to the role.

Chev & Bev (ABC)

National Lampoon costars Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo reunite in ABC’s single-camera comedy. Chev & Bev tells the story of two baby boomers whose idyllic retirement is turned upside down when they’re suddenly left to raise their grandchildren. This also marks Chase’s return to television after a rather rocky relationship with US cult hit Community.

Rush Hour (CBS)

CBS has picked up this feature-film remake about a lone wolf LAPD officer and his begrudging partnership with a stoic, by-the-book Hong Kong detective. The original flick starred Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan and inspired two sequels. Penning the series is Bill Lawrence whose record holds both hits like Spin City and Scrubs and misses like Ground Floor and Cougar Town. Only time will tell where this work will end up.

Scream Queens (FOX)

Lea Michele and Joe Manganiello join an ensemble cast in this horror-comedy anthology. The 15-episode, hour-long series will follow a college hit by a string of grisly murders and be set primarily in a sorority house. Ryan Murphy of Glee and American Horror Story fame created and will produce the series and has said each series will idly focus on strong female leads.

The Untitled Monica Potter Project (NBC)


Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres’ series doesn’t have a title yet, but its plot is enough to keep us hooked. It focuses on a woman venturing back into the tricky world of dating despite already juggling a busy family life and not one, not two but three ex-husbands. Monica Potter will play the comedy’s lead and comes after the finale of her hit drama Parenthood.