Doctor Who’s top ten unlikely casting rumours

Benedict Cumberbatch as the Master? Ben Kingsley as Davros? Jason Statham as the Doctor?! We count down the weirdest casting rumours of the modern era...

1. Paris Jackson – AKA Michael Jackson’s daughter – as… the Twelfth Doctor (2013)


This is, admittedly, less of a rumour, and more of an example of how the casting of a new Doctor can drive the press wild. Because yes, just before Peter Capaldi was announced as the Twelfth Doctor, the Daily Star splashed on its front page with some certainty that, ‘JACKO’S GIRL LINED UP TO BE NEW DR WHO.’ To clarify: This is Paris Jackson, the 15 year-old daughter of late pop star Michael Jackson, who has as much acting experience as you probably do.

But ‘lined up’ suggests something, right? There must be some credibility to the incredible scoop that the BBC are about the hand over the lead role in their biggest show to a 15 year-old American girl? The answer: not an insider, but a tweet. The entire story is taken from Paris tweeting, “Omg I wanna be The Doctor. They said any age and gender, right?” That is it. That. Is. It.  

But what if it ended up being true? 


Instead of Zoe Ball introducing Peter Capaldi on Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor, she sensationally announces the Twelfth Doctor as Paris Jackson, who is not only the first woman to take on the role but is the youngest Doctor ever by eleven years. All things, of course, that Doctor Who fans welcome with an optimistic open mind!