Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead

26-29 January: Ste is out for revenge, while Freddie does his best to evade the police

Monday 26 January


There’s a new development in Mercedes’ murder case, while Grace, Trevor and Esther are delighted to see their baby for the first time. Porsche and Celine are surprised by a new arrival and Ste is out for revenge.

Tuesday 27 January

It’s a black day for Freddie as he tries to keep one step ahead of the police, only to be caught at the scene of a crime. Patrick’s faith in Nancy is a welcome boost and gives her an exciting new opportunity at Hollyoaks High.  Can she step up to the mark? 

Wednesday 28 January

Lindsey makes it her mission to save Freddie from a life behind bars, but ends up putting herself in the firing line. Nancy asks Esther for help at the school, but the students get more than they bargained for when Grace gets involved.

Thursday 29 January

Lindsey’s actions leave Celine with a terrible dilemma, while a familiar face returns to make things even more difficult.  Dylan leads Peri down a dangerous path, putting her and her schoolmates’ lives at risk.  Desperate Nancy turns to Trevor once more. 

Friday 30 January


Nancy knows she’s to blame for what happened at school… but will she find the courage to face the consequences?  Jack makes a potentially life changing decision. Freddie makes a shocking discovery, while Dirk’s painful admission could come back to haunt him.