David Tennant videobombs Keith Lemon backstage at the National Television Awards

The Special Recognition Award recipient paid a surprise visit during the Celebrity Juice winner's interview with RadioTimes.com...

If you’re going to be videobombed by anyone, best to make it a bonafide A-lister. So, when Keith Lemon – winner of the NTA’s multichannel award – was interrupted by David Tennant during his interview with RadioTimes.com, he looked pretty chuffed. 


Tennant, who had just received a Special Recognition Award for his 20-year career, was backstage clutching his golden prize and happened to wander right into the Celebrity Juice host’s chat with us on camera.

“Oh, look who it is,” sniggered Lemon, real-name Leigh Francis, before congratulating the Broadchurch actor on his award. The pair laughed together, compared prizes, even clinked their trophies. It was magical. 

And after Tennant had disappeared to have his photograph taken, Lemon also revealed he had taken a selfie backstage with Keeping Up With the Kardashians star Kris Jenner whose family he’d recently spoofed on his new Keith Lemon Sketch Show. 

“I had a selfie with her backstage. Someone was asking her if she’d let Keith be part of the Kardashians and she said, ‘he could sleep outside’. I’d be happy with that.” 


You can watch the full interview above – and click here to see our backstage chat with David Tennant