Colin Firth “might be ready” for Bridget Jones 3

The Kingsman: The Secret Service star could be persuaded to play a deteriorating Darcy in a third film

V. exciting news. Colin Firth – aka Mark Darcy, the man with the genuinely gorgeous bottom – is seriously thinking about taking part in a third Bridget Jones movie. 


11 years after Mark and Bridge got their happy ending in The Edge of Reason, Firth thinks the cast “might be ready” to return to Jones’ mishap-riddled world. 

“It would have to have somewhere to go. Back at the time, I said that a third one should only happen if we were telling a story about having moved into a different generation when we were all beginning to deteriorate a little bit,” Firth told The Independent, adding: “I think we might be ready for that moment!”

To us, that sounds like a definite maybe.

Though, if a third movie were to be made and based on Helen Fielding’s third book, Firth might not even get a chance to play a declining Darcy. 

Mad About the Boy – which was published in 2013 – revisits Bridget aged 51: mother to two small children and widow after the lovely Mark Darcy died five years earlier.

So instead of being about Bridget’s married happy-ever-after, a third movie would most likely centre around Bridget’s toy boy romance with a man called Roxster… 


V. disappointing.