Last night on TV: Broadchurch, Coronation Street and Silent Witness according to Twitter

ITV and BBC1 went head to head with their crime dramas while #CorrieCrash trended after the Underworld factory bus accident

From bus flips to another set of burning Broadchurch questions, it was a strong night for ITV drama, but Silent Witness still coaxed plenty of people back to BBC1.


How did Twitter see Monday night on TV?

Broadchurch episode three did its best to banish Blue Monday, and Olivia Colman did just that… sort of.

As for the rest of the episode, well, it was a mixed bag. There were still the same old grumbles about factual accuracy (a real barrister covers some of the main legal points here).

Although others didn’t seem to mind.

The trouble is, if viewers are questioning whether someone’s wig is right on Twitter then there’s a good chance something in the drama isn’t grabbing them. Speaking of wigs…

And then there were the other details.

All in all, a puzzling episode, that had viewers pulling in both directions. What did you think?

Later news of Anne Kirkrbide’s sad passing would overshadow what had been a dramatic night on Coronation Street. #CorrieCrash began trending immediately after the minibus driving the Underworld factory staff flipped.

Although some people couldn’t help drawing parallels with other screen cliffhangers.

With all that ITV drama, BBC1 crime thriller Silent Witness still provided strong competition on the other side. How were people meant to choose?

Have you worked out who the killer is before tonight’s conclusion?

If TV’s taught us anything about detective work, it’s this.


When someone puts it like this, maybe watching crime dramas isn’t such a good Blue Monday cure after all?