Doctor Who’s top ten most shocking twists

From impossible astronauts to Masters in disguise, we count down the moments that NU Who fans just weren't expecting...


As befitting of a show known for the line, “wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey,” it’s hardly a surprise that Doctor Who has had its fair share of twists and turns – some of which, of course, are more shocking than others. 


But what has been modern Doctor Who’s biggest revelation? thinks we know, so have, of course, compiled our top ten. 

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10. The Impossible Astronaut revealed (Closing Time)


In the first episode of series 6, a future Doctor invites Amy, Rory, River, and a gentleman called Canton to a beach picnic. How lovely! To witness his own murder. Oh. For a mysterious Astronaut rises out of the sea and shoots the Doctor dead. But just who was this murderer? Well, in the series’ penultimate episode, Closing Time, it’s revealed that the astronaut is none only than the Doctor’s own wife, River Song! Impossible, indeed…