Peter Capaldi’s top ten funniest series 8 Doctor Who moments

From attack eyebrows to a strict ban on banter, here are the 12th Doctor's most hilarious series eight turns

Matt Smith’s regeneration into Peter Capaldi’s new incarnation of the Doctor saw a dramatic shift in personality, from cheeky and whimsical to grumpy and cynical. And this, of course, meant a change in his humour too, with the 12th Doctor’s harsher, more alien approach to time and space giving plenty of scope for some of Doctor Who’s most entertaining moments ever. 


But what has been the 12th Doctor’s funniest moment so far? We think we know, so have compiled our top ten. 

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10. “Kidneys!” (The Time of the Doctor)


The 12th Doctor’s first scene didn’t give too much of a hint at the grumpy direction he would go in, but, in a fit of post-regeneration confusion, he still managed to get a laugh by complaining about his new kidneys – mainly that he didn’t much care for their colour.