Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

19-23 January: Nate finds Sophie unconscious after he ends their relationship, while Ricky and Ash join forces to help Brax

Monday 19 January


Despite Spencerʼs reluctance to talk about his recent experience, Evie finds a way to help him warn his classmates about the dangers of internet predators. Leah is furious when she discovers that Zac kept a secret about VJ from her. Afraid that he will lose Sasha once she starts university, Matt tries to finish their relationship now. Denny joins Sasha on her trip to the city. 

Tuesday 20 January

Ashʼs return rekindles unwelcome memories in Brax. After a shocking, near-fatal incident one night while he is half-asleep, Brax finally tells Ricky what really happened in prison. Jett puts his foot down when John and Marilyn try to tell him which subjects to study. Despite their fears about becoming parents, Maddy and Josh affirm their commitment to the baby. Leah is forced to ask for Zacʼs help when VJ insists on leaving school. 

Wednesday 21 January

After discussing his dilemma with Ricky, Nate ends his relationship with Sophie – only to find his fears about how she will react fully justified. Maddy is spending more and more time with Josh, much to Oscarʼs consternation. Though Josh is supportive, he cannot help thinking of Evie. As Braxʼs inner demons continue to torment him, Ricky encourages Ash to take him away for a few days. 

Thursday 22 January

Music producer Nieve Devlin arrives in town and offers Phoebe a recording contract – and an ultimatum when Kyle questions the terms. Hannah is shocked to discover that Sophie forged her signature to obtain hospital drugs, but will Nate remain firm when his wife tries to wheedle him into staying with her? Andy overcomes his embarrassment and accepts Hannahʼs help with his course. 

Friday 23 January


Phoebe stands up to Nieve, but may live to regret it. After a useless attempt to help Jett with his maths, John worries that his son will no longer need him. Spencer attracts the eye of out-of-town beauty Monique (Grace Palmer, ʻShortland Streetʼ) while out with Chris for a night on the town, but is he ready yet to jump back into dating? A fun midnight swim lands Evie in trouble after she has to crash at Mattʼs and Sasha assumes the worst.