Gabriel Macht talks twists, surprises and metaphorical knife fights in Suits series four

"Harvey is going to move on with his life, but he loved having Mike in his back pocket," says Macht

Glossy US legal series Suits returns to our telly screens this evening, bringing more fast-paced dramas, conflicts and a whole lot of quotable one-liners. Our case-closing duo are still in New York – and they are still wearing rather sharp suits – but after an explosive series three finale, the future’s looking a little different for Harvey and Mike… 


“Mike has left the firm to work as an investment banker and has asked Harvey to be his general counsel during his takeover of a company,” Gabriel Macht, who plays Harvey Spector, tells us.

So it doesn’t look like Mike will be returning to Pearson Specter anytime soon? “HELL NO!  Absolutely not! No way is he re-hiring that fraud,” laughs Macht. 

“Harvey is going to move on with his life, but he loved having Mike in his back pocket,” he continues. “Harvey can close and can figure out how to get the job done, but Mike often had the light bulb moments where, suddenly, it all made sense and made it more efficient for Harvey. Also, I think Harvey liked the idea of having a protégé…”

Series four see Mike and Harvey on opposite sides of a case, and they don’t always play nicely: “The ways in which they each go about winning becomes dirty here and there. There’s a metaphorical knife fight in a few episodes.”

Not that the drama is restricted to their new relationship in series four. There will also be love troubles – “Rachel has now become Harvey’s right hand man and so that creates another interesting dynamic” – and plenty of “threat”, “twists and surprises.”

“There are some very exciting storylines this season; there’s a lot of threat, people get fired and people figure out manipulative ways to get their jobs back. There are a lot of twists and surprises this season and a huge paradigm shift in understanding who everyone is.”

Even slick Harvey Spector, who Macht describes as “an extremely dynamic character.”

“But he has tons of flaws – he’s aggressive, dominating and selfish.”

Macht reckons he “couldn’t be more different” from “shark” Harvey, but “that’s what makes him interesting to play.”

“These characters are in a sort of elevated world where they are at each other’s throats. Their banter is quick, witty and playful at times, and people like to see drama. I would hope that most people don’t operate like this in the real world, but I think that some do, which is really too bad! But it does make for some really good entertainment…”


Suits returns tonight at 10:00pm on Dave