Karen Gillan’s top ten Doctor Who moments as Amy Pond

She helped usher in Matt Smith's eleventh doctor, so here are Amy's best moments, from dodging Weeping Angels to that time she knocked the Doctor out with a cricket bat...

She may have a habit of waiting, but fiery redhead Amy Pond was not exactly the kind of companion to stay behind when there was adventure to be had, meaning that she had no shortage of great moments from her time as the Eleventh Doctor’s companion. But what were her best moments? RadioTimes.com have ranked the ten best. 


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10. Amy Pond the Merciless (The Wedding of River Song)


Well, we certainly hadn’t seen Amy Pond like this before. Not content with machine gunning the bejebus out of a gang of Silence, she then shows just how unforgiving she can be by ignoring Madame Kovarian’s pleas for mercy and instead reattaching her trademark eye patch – which, at that point, had started to self-destruct. Well, she did steal and raise her daughter to be a psychopath, but as Pond says herself…