Karen Gillan’s top ten Doctor Who moments as Amy Pond

She helped usher in Matt Smith's eleventh doctor, so here are Amy's best moments, from dodging Weeping Angels to that time she knocked the Doctor out with a cricket bat...

Karen Gillan in Doctor Who (BBC,HF)

She may have a habit of waiting, but fiery redhead Amy Pond was not exactly the kind of companion to stay behind when there was adventure to be had, meaning that she had no shortage of great moments from her time as the Eleventh Doctor’s companion. But what were her best moments? RadioTimes.com have ranked the ten best.


10. Amy Pond the Merciless (The Wedding of River Song)

Well, we certainly hadn’t seen Amy Pond like this before. Not content with machine gunning the bejebus out of a gang of Silence, she then shows just how unforgiving she can be by ignoring Madame Kovarian’s pleas for mercy and instead reattaching her trademark eye patch – which, at that point, had started to self-destruct. Well, she did steal and raise her daughter to be a psychopath, but as Pond says herself…

9. “Raggedy man, I remember you!” (The Big Bang)

Having forgotten about the Doctor after he’s erased from existence, Amy shows what all those years of living under a crack in the fabric of reality can do when she’s able to bring him back to life for her wedding. He is late, though, Rude.

8. Young Amelia Pond meeting the Doctor for the first time (The Eleventh Hour)

The Eleventh Doctor crash landing in young Amelia Pond garden is about as perfect an opening to a new Doctor’s tenure as you can get. After all, who else would put up with demands for fish fingers and custard?

7. Amy is a doppelgänger! (The Rebel Flesh)

Surprise! Yes, after being with the Doctor and Rory all through series 6, we find out that she had in fact been kidnapped and replaced with a ganger all along. And to make matters worse: she was just about to give birth!

6. Amy’s farewell (The Angels take Manhattan)

As far as emotional Doctor Who moments go, there’s not many that can beat Amy Pond’s last hurrah in The Angels Take Manhattan, an episode packed with heartbreak. There’s the rooftop sacrifice above, of course, then Amy’s last goodbye below, and then…

… there’s Amy’s final final goodbye from the past.

5. “Raggedy man… good night” (The Time of the Doctor)

As if Matt Smith’s final scene wasn’t emotional enough, Amy Pond-in-a-wig has to show up and open the flood gates.

4. Amy defeats a Weeping Angel

Amy Pond’s first meeting with the Weeping Angels didn’t see her cower. Instead, she managed to vanquish the stone menace using brains and a novel new way to stop herself blinking. It didn’t last too long, though. For it wasn’t too long until this happened…

And then, er, this…

3. Vincent and the Pond (Vincent and the Doctor)

Amy has a habit of being a bit cold, but Vincent and the Doctor saw her at her most emotional vulnerable, as she agonised over not being able to save depressed painter Vincent van Gogh from suicide.

2.  The introduction of Amy Pond (The Eleventh Hour)

Amy Pond’s very first episode saw Karen Gillan introduced in a police uniform, having just finished work as a “kissogram”, and knocking the Doctor out with a cricket bat. It’s not the sort of introduction that anyone was ever going to forget quickly.

1.  Amy meets her older self (The Girl Who Waited)


The Girl Who Waited was Amy Pond’s ultimate episode. For not only did it see Karen Gillan at her acting best, but it saw Amy confront her older, bitter self. It’s filled with great moments – Older Amy’s lonely den, the Doctor shutting the Tardis door in her face – but this scene, where they both talk about their love for Rory is particular poignant.