Despicable Me takes a twisted turn as it’s unnecessarily censored…

Animated family favourite suddenly sounds very rude when harmless words are cut out of the dialogue


You’ve got to be pulling my bbbbbeeeeeeppppp… Yes, the internet has got to family favourite Despicable Me. 


It’s a film about a major villain attempting to steal the moon, so it’s already got issues. Don’t steal, kids. But now, with the help of a little bit of unnecessary language censorship – ie. none of the words bleeped out are in fact rude, but now they sound like they are – the whole film takes on a whole new meaning. 

No, Gru doesn’t want to be ‘bleeped’ when he’s working. Yes, Gru has ‘bleeped’ up his resume and no, we don’t want to spend the weekend in the box of ‘bleep’ thank you very much. 

Childish? Yes. But we suspect it’ll raise a chuckle…