Top 10 one-off Doctor Who characters that must make a comeback

Santa Claus? Canton Delaware? Sally Sparrow? We count down the characters from Nu Who that we want to see return...

They are the ones that got away, the supporting Doctor Who characters who waltzed into show, stole our hearts, and then waltzed right back out, never to be seen again. 


But what if those one-off appearances weren’t so one-off? What if some of those that the Doctor encounters in his travels through time and space were to actually make a return to the show? And if so, then just who, exactly, should we see again? Well, have ranked the top ten one-off characters that we would like to see make a comeback.  

But do you agree with our choices and order? Let us know in the comments below… 

10. Liz 10 (The Beast Below)

Not very. Okenado was a big booking for Doctor Who in the first place, what with being an OBE and an Academy Award nominee and all that. We imagine there’s not much time to be running away from aliens when she has a Tony award at home to polish.


Chances of seeing her again: 4/1