Terror attacks and Sony hacking won’t impact on Homeland series five

“I’m very defensive of [the writers'] right to tell difficult stories in difficult parts of the world,” says Showtime president David Nevins

Homeland has never shied away from controversial or provocative subject matter. Since it first aired in 2011, the CIA thriller has dealt head-on with terrorists, muslim extremists, executions, suicide bombers, torture and political corruption. 


The US network behind the show, Showtime, says it will continue to do so in the wake of last week’s terrorist attack on satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and the cyber-attack on Sony.

“It’s a bit of a scary time to be a maker of controversial, political truth. It’s been a bad month for free speech around the world,” Showtime president David Nevins told journalists at the Television Critics Association’s press tour yesterday. 

When it comes to writing the show’s fifth season, Nevins said: “I hope [the attacks are] not considered at all. I really, really don’t want there to be any limitations. I don’t expect there will be. [The writers] never shied away from anything difficult. I want them to go right into the teeth of it again.”

“I’m very defensive of their right to tell difficult stories in difficult parts of the world,” he added.

But there is a chance the show will move away from the Middle East and “US relations in the Muslim world” when it returns, Nevins said. 

“Where they’re going to go next year is a little bit up in the air. We’re not necessarily going to [continue addressing] US relations in the Muslim world,” he says.

“The real franchise of the show is how difficult it is to be America in the world in the 21st century, how difficult the choices are. I think that’s a story that will remain relevant for as long as they can come up with new stories. It could be Africa, it could be Europe, it could be back in another place in the Middle East. I don’t expect that show to fall into a formula. I can see it coming back to the US at some point.”


Homeland will return for a fifth season in 2015