Jeremy Jackson on Chloe Goodman Big Brother incident: “I might have done the same thing sober”

“I can’t blame it on alcohol. I made the decision,” says the former Baywatch star of his drunken approach to his fellow housemate


Former Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson is apologetic about his drunken approach to fellow Celebrity Big Brother housemate Chloe Goodman and admits he can’t blame alcohol for his actions.


“I venture to say I might have done the same thing sober,” Jackson told This Morning hosts Phillip Schofield and Christine Bleakley. “I can’t blame it on alcohol. I made the decision, I made the action, and the reaction was a bad one.”

Jackson was removed from the Big Brother house on Saturday after he pulled open Goodman’s dressing gown while the two were alone together in the toilet. The model and reality TV star had been helping Jackson, while he was being sick after mixing his drinks.

He has since been given a police caution for common assault but added that “Luckily, the Hatfield Police Department did a very in-depth investigation and any sexual stuff has been dropped.”

Jackson described the experience as “unfortunate, sobering, humbling” but said that his actions had been informed by his previous encounters with Goodman in the house, as well as his former job as a fashion producer.

“It’s hard, because you have to walk a mile in your shoes, right? And my intentions were based on a relationship that Chloe and I had built regarding her swimming suits and how many of them she had and how many times she had changed them on the show.

“I toured the world producing fashion shows, that included bikini lines, for five years. That included working with models, and talking about fashion is something I do on a regular basis…


“I was drunk and with vomit on my face and I leaned to lift the robe to see here [touching his shoulder] to see the strap and [see] ‘what bikini is this today?’… and she didn¹t have a bikini on. And that’s when it turned into a naughty situation.”