Six passive aggressive notes that use Liam Neeson’s Taken quote perfectly

Beware, these food owners have a particular set of skills, skills acquired over a very long career of fridge defending...

Liam Neeson has reprised the role of ex-government operative Bryan Mills for the third instalment of Taken, but it’s his famous speech from the first film we just can’t get enough of.


Sure, Mills gave the passionate ‘skills speech’ as he hunted for his kidnapped teenage daughter Kim. Sure, there’s actual peril involved. But it’s a blooming useful monologue for when someone gets their grubby hands on your lunch, too. Just check out these brilliant Taken-themed notes…

M&Ms are one thing, but peanut M&Ms really crosses the line

There’s a thin line between calm and angry and that line, my friends, is a cheese sandwich

Unscrupulous beasts just don’t stand a chance against a note like this

Messing with people’s caffeine just isn’t going to fly

This law student proves that just a few extra phrases, housed in brackets, can really make the Taken quote sing


And of course, it’s very important to remember not to get between people and their yoghurt, OK?