Every Doctor Who and Broadchurch crossover (that we’ve noticed)

It's not just David Tennant that's moved between the two series...

Broadchurch is widely lauded as a groundbreaking drama for ITV, not quite like anything else on television and successfully reinventing itself in a way that feels honest to its unique cast of characters. 


On the other hand, a lot of fans have noticed that there’s an awful lot of actor overlap with another UK favourite – long-running sci-fi series Doctor Who.

And they might have a point – when even David Tennant has admitted the connection, you know it’s time to take stock. But what exactly are all the Broadchurch/Doctor Who crossovers?

The Writer

This is a fairly obvious one, but Broadchurch series creator Chris Chibnall spent a lot of time working on Doctor Who, authoring episodes including The Power of Three, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, 42 and Silurian two-parter The Hungry Earth/In Cold Blood.

In addition, Chibnall was head writer of Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood, creating many episodes of the Cardiff-based series over its first two series – so it was no surprise to see that series co-star Eve Myles turn up in Broadchurch last week. Finger crossed for John Barrowman in series 3…

The cast

OK, this is the big one – there are so many Doctor Who alumni in Broadchurch that it’s almost acting as a kind of halfway house between that show and the wider world. Crossover cast members include:

David Tennant

The most high-profile crossover, Broadchurch’s DI Alec Hardy appeared as the tenth incarnation of the Doctor between 2005 and 2010.

Arthur Darvill

Darvill barely caught his breath between leaving Doctor Who in 2012 and joining Broadchurch as Reverend Paul Coates the following year.

Olivia Colman

Though she only had a small role, Colman (who plays DS Ellie Miller on Broadchurch) appeared as a coma patient possessed by alien escapee Prisoner Zero in Matt Smith’s debut episode The Eleventh Hour.

Eve Myles


After appearing as a maid in 2005 Doctor Who episode The Unquiet Dead, Myles’ former police officer Gwen Cooper appeared in every episode of Torchwood (quite an achievement given that organisation’s mortality rate), and two episodes of Doctor Who in 2008, before joining Broadchurch this series as Claire Ripley.