How well do you remember the 2010 televised election debates?

Their future may be in doubt, but can you recall the first TV leadership debates in British political history?


Britain has a tradition of political debate that stretches back centuries. The trouble is, Prime Minister’s Questions isn’t on prime time – and if it was, 600 odd politicians shouting and jeering across a room at each other would probably struggle to compete with Strictly Come Dancing or Broadchurch.  


However, in 2010 we took a leaf out of the American playbook and staged our first ever televised leadership debates, in the hope of engaging a disaffected public and avoiding a hung parliament. Because we wouldn’t want that, would we?

Fast forward to the next election, and it’s looking like there might not be a repeat performance. David Cameron announced he will not take part in any debate that excludes the Greens, saying he couldn’t see why they should be excluded when “some minor parties like the Liberal Democrats and UKIP” could potentially take part. A bit mean about his Deputy Nick Clegg, but there you go.


But does it matter? How much can you actually remember about those historic debates anyway? Let’s find out in our political mega quiz…