Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

12-16 January: Maddy is shocked to discover that she is pregnant and tells Josh that he is the father


Monday 12 January


After her collapse at the movie night, Maddy is amazed to learn that she is pregnant. Roo and Oscar are both supportive, but the identity of the father is not immediately clear. Everyone but Ash is shocked when Brax roughs up Kyle for accusing him of keeping secrets from Ricky. Marilyn tires of Johnʼs get-rich-quick schemes and puts her foot down. 

Tuesday 13 January

Ricky blames Ash for Braxʼs bad mood, until a remark by Phoebe makes her realise that he is filling the hole left by Heath and Casey. After needling Hannah again, Sophie is furious to witness her and Nate kissing in his office. Determined to make them pay, she steals the keys to the drugs cabinet. Hannah realises that Andy may have a reading problem and offers to tutor him, but he mistakes her kindness for something more. 

Wednesday 14 January

A guilt-ridden Nate tells Sophie that they need to talk but agrees to a postponement, unaware that she is back on the pills and has told a stunned Hannah that she means nothing to him. Maddy decides to keep the baby, but how will Josh and Evie take the news that he is going to be a father? Marilyn sabotages the dishwasher in an attempt to show John how much she needs him. 

Thursday 15 January

Worried about Spencerʼs state of mind, Chris persuades him to accept Zacʼs offer of a night out on the boat, unaware that Matt will be there too. Zac is delighted when VJ also joins the boat trip, but what is he hiding? Sasha realises that Matt is still upset about Gray, but he rejects all her attempts to cheer him up. Unsure whether she can cope with the complication of a baby, Evie finishes with Josh. 

Friday 16 January


Brax takes his bad mood out on Ash, who urges him to stop bottling up his secret and tell his family what really happened in prison. Evie is still devastated after finishing with Josh, but a girlsʼ night in proves cathartic for both her and Denny. The boat trip ends in fisticuffs. Hoping to win VJʼs trust, Zac agrees not to tell Leah about the tattoo. Andy reconsiders his decision not to apply for the personal training course.