Minecraft and Frozen are most searched for YouTube videos

There's only one thing we like more than Elsa...


It turns out there is something more appealing than watching to Idina Menzel belt out Let it Go, according to Google’s list of the must-searched terms on YouTube: playing Minecraft.


While “Frozen” was the fourth most popular, it was also beaten by generic searches for music, which topped the list, and movies.

Created by Swedish programmer Markus “Notch” Persson, Minecraft is a “sandbox” game that allows players to construct buildings, machines and many other items from textured cubes. Other activities include exploration, survival and combat.

Some players have built incredibly complex constructions and worlds (including a few Doctor Who-themed favourites), with some of the most popular Minecraft videos demonstrating how they were made.

Other popular searches included the artists Beyonce, Drake, Eminem and Pharrell Williams’ song Happy, which became the most downloaded track in history last year.

Google released the list in a blog entitled Think Gaming Content Is Niche? Think Again, which dismissed popular perceptions of gaming as a minority male pursuit while also explaining the proliferation of gaming videos on YouTube (including how-tos and “let’s plays”, where viewers watch someone else play a video game).

The full list released by Google

“Gaming has woven its way into all areas of pop culture — sports, music, television, and more,” the blog says.

“Its appeal goes far beyond teenage boys (women are now the largest video game–playing demographic!). So it’s no surprise that gaming content has taken off on YouTube.”


One of the other most-searched terms – pewdiepie – is the name of a popular gaming channel, further demonstrating the medium’s proliferation on YouTube.