Russell T Davies: Why didn’t I think of casting “glorious” Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who lead?

Former showrunner admits that he was “envious” when he found out about Steven Moffats's choice for twelfth Doctor

Former Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies admits that he felt a pang of regret when Peter Capaldi was cast as the twelfth Doctor because he wished he had thought of the Scottish actor for the role when he was in charge of the show.


Davies told that he continues to watch the programme “absolutely religiously” and has found Capaldi’s take on the role “glorious”.

“I know Peter Capaldi,” added Davies. “He did a Doctor Who with us and he did a brilliant Torchwood and when they cast him I was just envious. I just thought: so brilliant. Why didn’t I think of that? Brilliant.”

Davies’ latest project is Cucumber, Tofu and Banana, a three-pronged series examining gay life in modern Britain.

Cucumber is a serialised drama for Channel 4 following the life of Henry (Vincent Franklin) and his long-term boyfriend Lance (Cyril Nri) after their breakup.

E4 series Banana tells standalone stories involving characters largely drawn from the younger end of the Manchester scene. There will also be an online factual strand called Tofu about modern gay life.


Cucumber and Banana will be shown on Channel 4, E4 and 4oD in January 2015