First full Ant-Man trailer includes ants, men and man riding ant

Get your first proper look at Marvel's shrinking hero, starring Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas


Huh. Somehow this wasn’t what we were expecting. Yes, the first full Ant-Man trailer delivers on its promise of both ants and men. Yes it features Paul Rudd as criminal turned size-changing hero Scott Lang, and Michael Douglas as his mentor and retired do-gooder Hank Pym. Yes it’s got the suit and yes that suit has antennae.


Yet this is the film that released an ant sized trailer to mess with fans, starring one of the most dependably funny actors in Hollywood and formerly directed by Edgar Wright, until he left the project due to ‘creative differences‘. The tone (and Douglas’s risible speech about daughter eyes) all feel a bit serious for the story of a man who shrinks down to microscopic size in order to punch people.

Of course, this is just our first brief look. Here’s hoping the arthropod rodeo that ends the video, as well as the crack about the name (in the comics Ant-Man has more aliases than Sean Combs), signals a lighter approach for the full movie.


Something like this brilliant teaser poster. We’ve put a border around it so you don’t think your browser is broken.