Doctor Who series 6: Vote for your favourite story now

Do you still wake up dreaming of Night Terrors, or are you holding out for an episode to top The Girl Who Waited? Vote now!

Split into two parts, this series saw the truth about River Song revealed and the Doctor achieve his greatest triumphs – but which story was your favourite?


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A Christmas Carol

Michael Gambon and Katherine Jenkins guest-star in Matt Smith’s first festive special – an update of the Dickens classic.

The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon

The mysterious Silence makes their move in Roswell, New Mexico – and the Doctor (sort of) takes his last stand.

The Curse of the Black Spot

Pirate fun as a mermaid Lily Cole terrorizes the crew of Hugh Bonneville’s ship, while Amy Pond lets out her inner swashbuckler.

The Doctor’s Wife

Neil Gaiman’s tale of Tardis made flesh saw the Doctor battle a living planet. 

The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People

Confusion and moral quandaries abound in this tale of cloning on a remote island.

A Good Man Goes to War

The Doctor calls in his favours as he fights to get Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) back by his side.

Let’s Kill Hitler

River Song (Alex Kingston) gets her start in this heady mix of sci-fi, European history and outright absurdity.

Night Terrors

The nightmares of a young boy cause real danger at a block of flats – and only the Doctor can save the day.

The Girl Who Waited

Amy is trapped in a facility for years while Rory (Arthur Darvill) tries his best to rescue both her young and older self.

The God Complex

Primal fears and beliefs are called into question at a mysterious hotel stalked by a terrifying beast.

Closing Time

James Corden’s Craig Owens returns as he teams up with the Doctor to stop the Cybermen.

The Wedding of River Song


Time has been rewritten as pterodactyls fly through modern-day London – but can the Doctor reverse the paradox caused by River Song?