Two New Zealanders have been watching Grown Ups 2 every week for almost a year

Then they talk about it in their aptly titled ‘The Worst Idea of All Time’ podcast


New Zealanders Guy Montgomery and Tim Batt have been watching Adam Sandler’s Grown Ups 2 for 44 weeks. After each viewing, they record a podcast and talk about the film, which was panned by critics. At the time of writing, they’re confident of reaching their goal of watching it once a week for a whole year…if they don’t go insane first.


Odder still, neither has ever seen the first film. When they cooked up this endurance test, they hadn’t seen the second either (oh, what a blissfully ignorant time that must have been). The duo simply settled on Grown Ups 2 because “It’s such a weird movie”.

“So many funny people are in it but it wasn’t very well received,” they told Vice. “We thought: well, if we’re gonna do a movie that shouldn’t have been made, wouldn’t it make more sense to do a sequel to that movie?”

Of course that means that they have no idea whether the jokes are simply lost on them because they haven’t seen the first movie. But they’ve dismissed this, with Batt saying (probably through gritted teeth), “I don’t think that’s at all likely.”

The podcast ranges from discussing the plot to the various states of mind they’ve found themselves in during their many, many (many, many…) viewings.

Montgomery admits they were both half-expecting someone new to walk into a scene or to deliver a line slightly differently, or perhaps not turn up at all one week.

Batt can barely bring himself to watch the main action, focusing instead on tiny details in the background; what product has been put on a table, what is that extra doing…

“It certainly gives us access to insanity and flashes of it,” says Montgomery. “Every occasional watch, the whole concept and project come crashing down, and you’re like, “What the f*** are we doing?”

So is there going to be a follow-up – a year of watching Groundhog Day, perhaps?

Batt: “There is no season two.”

Montgomery: “We’ve got a fanbase now, so it’d be stupid to throw it away.”

Batt: “You’re doing it on your own, buddy. I want to burn it to the ground.”


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