David Tennant hints at role in Hannibal

Could the former Doctor soon be dining with the cannibal?

David Tennant. You could just eat him up, couldn’t you? What with his face and smile and cold, dead eyes of a killer.


That’s the thinking behind a fan campaign to get a guest starring role for the former Doctor Who star on Hannibal. The prequel series starring Mads Mikkelsen follows Hannibal ‘the Cannibal’ Lecter’s early years before Silence of the Lambs.

And it turns out Tennant is up for it, having had discussions with Bryan Fuller, the Hollywood director behind the series. “I know Bryan a little bit,” he told journalists including RadioTimes.com, “it’s a conversation that’s been had a couple of times.”

So does that mean we can expect David (or even just pieces of him) to crop up in the next series of the show? “It doesn’t, it absolutely doesn’t, there’s no immediate plans,” he said hastily, but left the door open for the future. “I would love to work with Bryan on anything, I think he’s a rare talent, so it would be lovely if something worked out.” 

As for Fuller himself? He seems keen, telling Metro: “I would love to have David on the show. Or just write for David! I would kill and eat somebody to work with David!”

See? Keen. 


Of course, Tennant is more used to catching killers than murdering himself, as the millions who tuned into the new series of Broadchurch know well.