Sherlock special begins filming

Shooting on the one-off episode kicks off today in Bristol. But is Moriarty really alive? And why are Sherlock and John dressed in Victorian garb...?

For most of the country, today marks that first, tentative day back at work. But it’s not just us ordinary folk who are getting into the swing of things again – Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman and the cast of Sherlock will be trying to remember how exactly to do their jobs too, as filming gets under way on the Sherlock special.


“On my way West,” tweeted co-creator and star Mark Gatiss this morning as he made his way from London to Bristol where the majority of shooting is set to take place.

Along with Gatiss, Cumberbatch and Freeman, Sherlock fans will be on the look out for Andrew Scott, who is set to appear as Moriarty after the beloved arch-villain made an apparent return from the dead at the end of series three.

Viewers will also be keen to solve the mystery of exactly why the first official picture for the one-off episode (due to air at the end of 2015) featured Sherlock and John in Victoria-era garb.

Could the pair somehow be going back in time to the original era of Sherlock Holmes? Is Moriarty really alive? As always, the new episode of Sherlock is shrouded in mystery but Gatiss has described it in one intriguing word – “ghosts”. Make of that what you will…


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