Nick Robinson: Russell Brand is wrong to say you shouldn’t vote

The BBC's political editor also says he'd rather quit than be impartial about democracy

Nick Robinson takes Russell Brand to task in this week’s edition of Radio Times magazine.


“I’ve got a bit of a beef with Brand,” Robinson writes. “More than anyone I can remember in recent times he has energised, excited and enthused people about some of the great issues of our time… yet Brand continues to tell people that all politics and all politicians are corrupt or venal or a waste of time.”

The BBC’s political editor says he disagrees with Brand’s argument that politicians are all the same and just in it for themselves, and adds that “yes it does make a difference whether you vote or not and who you vote for”. Robinson goes on to admit he’s partisan – as far as democracy is concerned.

“Yes, it’s my job to leave my personal views and prejudices at the door when I report on TV or radio or online. I am not, though, required to be impartial between democracy and the alternatives. What’s more, if Auntie ever asked me to be, I’d refuse or quit the job.”

Robinson also reveals that he requested an interview with Brand for his new Radio 4 series, Can Democracy Work?, but was turned down: “as he posed for a few selfies I was told he was ‘too busy’.


Read the full article in this week’s issue of Radio Times, on sale Tuesday 6th December