Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

5-9 January: Spencer cannot face going to the police after his date ended in disaster and instead bravely confronts his internet predator. Seeing an old friend brings up difficult memories for Brax

Monday 5 January


An embarrassed Spencer refuses to tell Emerson that his date with ʻAmyʼ turned out to be with an internet predator named Keith, and that he lashed out in self-defence. The tension between Sophie and Hannah escalates, leaving Nate in trouble. Ricky is wary when a handsome stranger blows into town, looking for Brax. John is delighted when Jett calls him Dad. 

Tuesday 6 January

Brax is overjoyed when his ʻstalkerʼ turns out to be an old friend, Ash. Too ashamed to go to the police after what happened on his date, Spencer visits Keith in hospital. Maddy is devastated when Brax fires her from the gym. Nate confesses to Hannah that he wants out of his marriage to Sophie. 

Wednesday 7 January

Maddy takes control of her life and decides to go back to school. Ashʼs appearance stirs up painful memories of Braxʼs prison days. VJ is guilt-ridden about what happened to Nate and blames himself. Evelyn freaks out when things move too fast with Josh. 

Thursday 8 January

Josh urges Evelyn to forget the past and sets out to prove to her that he is worth taking a chance on. Gray refuses to go back to rehab, so Sasha gives Matt an ultimatum. John prepares to make a small fortune from an unlicensed movie night and Phoebe is determined to prove that Summer Bay and music are a winning combination.

Friday 9 January


Matt realises that he needs to let his dad go in order to save him. Just as things are looking up for Maddy, she collapses and falls unconscious. Zac is concerned that VJ is struggling in the wake of his kidnapping ordeal, but has a breakthrough when the teen reveals that he has not been sleeping. It is movie night vs open mic night in the Bay, and Phoebe and Jett are playing dirty to win.