Fake New Year’s Eve video allows parents to celebrate early with their children

Families can enjoy the midnight countdown and still have little ones in bed on time with the help of Madagascar's animated lemur


Paid-for streaming service Netflix has released a countdown-to-midnight clip that parents can show their kids any time they like.


The idea is that families play the on-demand video and welcome in the New Year together – and still have the little ones in bed at the usual time.

Animated lemur King Julien – a character in DreamWorks’s Madagascar films – plays host. When you press play, he guides you through a pretend three-minute New Year’s Eve countdown, bursting with noise and colour. 

“Move over Ryan Seacrest, I’ve got my own on-demand countdown party on Netflix,” King Julien says, referring to the US TV host who traditionally sees in the new year across the pond.

Netflix’s own survey – carried out by Wakefield Research – found that 87% of parents celebrate the new year with their children. Of that number, 34% already fool their offspring with an earlier countdown.

It’s also a canny advert for the service’s home-grown spin-off show All Hail King Julien, which premiered on Netflix earlier this month. King Julien is played by voiceover artist Danny Jacobs, not Sacha Baron Cohen who lent his vocals to the fun-loving lemur in the big screen hit. 

“All hail Netflix”, eh?