The Theory of Everything’s Felicity Jones: The Archers makes me popular with my friends’ parents

The British actress on her journey from Radio 4 to an Oscar-tipped performance opposite Eddie Redmayne's Stephen Hawking


Felicity Jones has come a long way since her spell on The Archers. The 31-year-old British actress says she “learned [her] trade” on the Radio 4 drama – a craft that has seen her go on to win critical acclaim for her portrayal of Jane Hawking in upcoming biopic The Theory of Everything opposite Eddie Redmayne as world-renowned physicist Stephen. 


In Jane – Hawking’s first wife – Jones found “this incredibly strong but complicated female character”, something she admits is still a rarity in the industry.

“Reese Witherspoon has her own production company and has produced Wild. I think more and more, if women take responsibility for the stories then there will be more nuanced female characters. It’s up to us to keep doing that.”

Sadly, her role as The Archers’ Emma Grundy holds little currency in the States, but “when I come home and talk about it, I’m the most popular person with my friends’ parents.”


The Theory of Everything is released in cinemas on 1st January