Liam Neeson: It would be “insulting” if someone got taken in Taken 3

The actor says he was reluctant to do the second film, let alone this third instalment, but insists it’s “a good storyline”

So far the Taken film franchise has very much been a ‘does what it says on the tin’ affair. The first movie followed star Liam Neeson as retired CIA operative Bryan Mills on the hunt for his kidnapped daughter Kim (Maggie Grace). In Taken 2 it basically happened all over again, but it was Mills who was taken, along with Kim’s mum Lenore (Famke Janssen).


In Taken 3, it would seem to follow that someone else is going to be taken. Perhaps the family dog? But Neeson was having none of that.

“I said the second one wouldn’t happen and I said I wouldn’t do a third one if someone got taken,” Neeson tells chat show host Graham Norton. 

“It’s insulting to an audience as well as me.”

In fact, the third film is going a bit Bourne on us, as Neeson’s highly trained character is on the run. He’s suspected of murdering his wife, and must once again battle to protect his daughter from the actual killer. Whether he’s got the particular set of skills to evade capture remains to be seen. Well, unless you watch the trailer, which according to Neeson have a habit of giving everything away. 

“I hate trailers… there’s no mystery anymore,” he grumbles. 

Although, it seems the entire film has been a bit of an advert… for putting people off of travel. 

“Just the other day I got a letter from a school teacher in Texas who had tried to take sixty students to Europe,” explains Neeson. “The families of forty of them got the kids out of it because they had seen Taken 2. Then this year she wanted to take twenty of them and the parents all said, ‘No, because we’ve seen that movie!”

Taken 3 is in cinemas from January 9 2015


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