Hilarious Terminator: Genisys trailer doesn’t understand plot of Terminator

Even Skynet gets confused about Terminator's time travelling shenanigans

At this point, you need several PhDs, a whiteboard and Doc Brown from Back to the Future to work out the plot of the Terminator franchise.


In the beginning (if there is such a thing) the evil supercomputer Skynet sent Arnold Schwarzenegger back in time to kill Sarah Connor, unsuccessfully. Then in Terminator 2 Skynet sent back a liquid metal robot to kill Sarah Connor’s son, and the humans sent back Arnold Schwarzenegger again, but this time he was good. Then the third and fourth Terminator movies happened and all traces of logic vanished, with Arnold Schwarzeneggers pinging up and down human history. It made Christian Bale very angry indeed.

But the latest movie Genisys complicates things even further, if that were possible, apparently rebooting the entire series and replacing the cast. There are at least two Arnold Schwarzeneggers, one old and one young, and Matt Smith is involved somehow. Hi Matt Smith!

It’s got to the point where even the characters don’t know what is going on…

Terminator Genisys is released in UK cinemas on 3rd July 2015