Doctor Who: David Tennant and Billie Piper’s best moments

We take a look at the finest moments shared on screen between the tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler


Meeting for the first time (Born Again, Children In Need minisode)


After spending an entire series travelling through time and space with a mysterious – seemingly northern – stranger, Rose saw him change before her very eyes into a new man. Understandably, this freaked her out a tad; making their first meeting – seen in this Children In Need clip released before The Christmas Invasion – awkward and tense. It was a turbulent start to what would eventually be a beautiful companionship.

Rose and Sarah Jane Smith bond over the Doctor (School Reunion)

A few episodes after his regeneration, and Rose had fully warmed to this converse-wearing, cheeky-chappy of a Time Lord; with the atmosphere only turning frosty again with the return of old flame, Sarah Jane Smith.

Their meeting – charged with a sense of combative jealousy – was not only funny, but also gave Rose an insight into the reality of travelling with the Doctor; of– one day – being left behind. Thankfully, however, the frostiness soon melted away – with the two bonding over the only thing they could: the ridiculousness of the Doctor. 

“If I believe in one thing – just one thing – I believe in her” (The Satan’s Pit)

Faced with the devil himself, the Time Lord laments that while he doesn’t know what to believe in when it comes to religion, he does –above all – believe in Rose to save him.  It’s a big moment for their relationship; a huge declaration of faith in friends. 

A parallel world apart (Doomsday)

Tragically, the defining moment in the pair’s relationship came to be the point in which they would be separated, seemingly, forever.

In Doomsday, Rose vows to abandon her family, including a parallel universe version of her late dad, to stay with the Doctor. Sadly, a swarm of flying Daleks had other ideas, and in her last ditch bid to rescue the world, Rose ends up being sent to the closed off universe at the very last minute. The image of the Doctor and Rose caressing the same wall in two different worlds cemented their unspoken love for each other forever, and inevitably, many fan-made Youtube videos.

“I’m burning up a sun just to say goodbye” (Doomsday)

Despite being sealed off in a parallel universe, the Doctor didn’t let a little thing like tearing the entire fabric of the universe get in the way of one last moment with Rose.

After locating a crack in a parallel version of Norway, Rose travels to Bad Wolf Bay to find a mere echo of the man she traveled with waiting for her. After a conversation of many emotions and fewer words, the real tragedy of the scene was not their separation, but the Doctor’s inability to tell Rose once and for all how he felt for her, culminating in an entire nation to throw out their tear-strewn sofas.


Little did we know that Rose would get her cathartic ending, being given a half-human clone of the Doctor to be with forever in Journey’s End, which would have been lovely, had it made any sense whatsoever.