Top Gear Patagonia special – Twitter reacts

After seeing the controversial episode, the people of the internet still can't decide who was to blame - Clarkson and friends or the mob?


Don’t cry for Jezza, Argentina. Although the truth is, that’s a bit unlikely.


The Top Gear Patagonia special ended on a sour note last night when a mob, angered by a number plate they took to be a reference to the Falklands War, chased the crew across the border. It made for heart-stopping television and Twitter weighed in.

Reaction was mixed. Some objected to the behaviour of the nationalists…

While some thought the Top Gear team brought it on themselves

Regardless, there was much praise for the film crew, usually hidden behind the camera

And tributes to the country of Argentina

And elegies to the real victim in all this

But there was one conspicuous absence


Some say, he can smell trouble coming a mile away…