Jenna Coleman will overtake Karen Gillan to become longest serving modern era Doctor Who companion

The news that Clara Oswald will be around for another full series means she'll soon have travelled with the Doctor for even longer than Amy Pond


What a difference a few months can make. When rumours began to circulate in August that Jenna Coleman was set to leave Doctor Who, it felt as if she’d only just arrived. With season eight yet to air, we’d had less than one full series with companion Clara Oswald, during which the “Impossible Girl” had often seemed like more of a plot device than a character.


Now, 13 episodes later, confirmation that Jenna has had a change of heart and will be staying for another full series means that this time next year she’ll be the longest-serving companion since Doctor Who returned in 2005.

By then, Jenna will have starred as Clara Oswald in 36 episodes – three more than previous title holder Karen Gillan as Amy Pond. Both have made other appearances  either in dream sequences, as different or returning versions of their characters or in completely different roles  but however you work it out, by the end of 2015, Jenna will come out as the Impossible Girl on top…

Here’s how the three longest-serving companions will compare as of this time next year…

Jenna Coleman as Clara Oswald

Doctors: Matt Smith, Peter Capaldi

Time in role: December 2012– end of series 9 (autumn 2015)

Episodes as companion: 36

Other appearances: 1: as Oswin Oswald in Asylum of the Daleks (Sep 2012)

Karen Gillan as Amy Pond

Doctors: Matt Smith

Time in role: April 2010–September 2012

Episodes as companion: 33

Other appearances: 2: as Soothsayer in The Fires of Pompeii (Apr 2008); as vision of Amy in The Time of the Doctor (Dec 2013)

Billie Piper as Rose Tyler

Doctors: Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant

Time in role: March 2005–July 2006

Episodes as companion: 27


Other appearances: 6: as Rose Tyler in Partners in Crime (Apr 2008) Turn Left (Jun 2008) The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End (Jul 2008), The End of Time Part 2 (Jan 2010); as the Moment in The Day of the Doctor (Nov 2013)