See every death from the Lord of the Rings trilogy – in 7 minutes

Here's hoping Sauron offers a good life insurance plan for his orcs...

We’d already seen a few of Digg’s trademark compilations of every death in a particular TV or film series – but it’s safe to say that their round-up of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy puts even Game of Thrones to shame.


212,470 lives are quickly snuffed out in their streamlined video (some estimated rather than seen on screen), whether its drowned orcs, arrow-struck men, Sean Bean (as with most of his roles) or Ian McKellen’s Gandalf (though he gets a do-over when he comes back in the next film).

It’s almost enough to make you wish that the combined forces of good and evil could just hash it out over dinner and a couple of drinks – though that might have been a marginally less entertaining trilogy.


We also hope Digg have been double-checking their figures – or they’ll have Gimli (John Rhys-Davies) to answer to…