Ricky Gervais laughs at his own jokes on set reveals Night at the Museum co-star Ben Stiller

“He cracks up a lot… usually he was laughing at something funny he did,” says Stiller

Night at the Museum star Ben Stiller says working with Ricky Gervais means there’s a lot of laughter on set – mostly from Ricky enjoying his own jokes…


“We’d start to improvise and Ricky would start to laugh and I thought he was laughing at something I did, but usually he was laughing at something funny he did,” Stiller tells chat show host Graham Norton, discussing the third film in the franchise, Secret of the Tomb.

“And sometimes we’d start the scene and nobody had said anything and he was laughing and I realised he was laughing at something he thought of!”

If Ricky’s Twitter is anything to go by, he’d probably just thought of the next bath selfie he was going to post…

Joining Stiller on the sofa – Gervais, who plays museum curator Dr McPhee opposite Stiller’s Larry Daley – says he likes “being annoying” but does admit it means most of the duo’s scenes didn’t even make the final cut.

“Eighty per cent of our scenes are on the DVD extras. They didn’t even make it into the film.”


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