In the Flesh beats Sherlock to win 2014 TV Show Champion

The under-threat BBC3 drama was the winner in a David v Goliath match-up with the detective series

In the Flesh is still awaiting its fate, with the BBC yet to commission a third series of the zombie drama, and its home on BBC3 currently under threat itself. But if the dedication of the show’s fans has anything to do with the final decision, it could yet be back from the dead. 


In the Flesh fans cast literally millions of votes in the 2014 TV Show Champion tournament, besting series including Agents of Shield, MasterChef, The Fall and Peaky Blinders en route to a final showdown with Sherlock.

In a hard-fought David v Goliath battle, In the Flesh finally knocked out the detective drama giant after more than 660,000 votes had been cast.

Hearing the news, series creator Dominic Mitchell declared himself “absolutely flabbergasted,” adding that result was “the proof that our fans are the best a show could ever hope for.” Read the full interview here.

Starring Luke Newberry, In the Flesh charts the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse in which Partially Deceased Syndrome sufferers attempt to integrate back into society, much to the disgust of those who have previously fought against them.


Series two, which picked up the 2104 Bafta for Best Miniseries, left several plot strands unresolved, leaving Newberry and the show’s fans in zombie limbo…