Doctor Who series 9 first episode title revealed

The Magician's Apprentice will kick off the new run expected next autumn


There’s the small matter of a Christmas special to come before we turn our full attention to the new series of Doctor Who (and who may or may not be in it). But already snippets of information are filtering through, with this week’s official screening of Last Christmas revealing a first episode title.


Series nine of Doctor Who will kick off with an adventure called The Magician’s Apprentice. As Steven Moffat noted at a Q&A following the screening, there seem to be an equal number of rumours flying around that Jenna Coleman is staying and that she’s leaving but if it turns out to be the latter, could the title perhaps be a reference to a new companion? It certainly wouldn’t be the first time Peter Capaldi’s look has been likened to that of a stage conjurer…

Either way, we will know Clara Oswald’s immediate fate soon – around 7:15pm on Thursday 25th December, in fact


Doctor Who special Last Christmas is on BBC1 at 6:15pm on Christmas Day