The Apprentice: Ricky “reflection of perfection” Martin returns as one of Lord Sugar’s interviewers

The recruitment specialist becomes the first candidate ever to return to the show to help find Lord Sugar's next Apprentice

Get ready to witness the fitness all over again as former wrestler and 2012 Apprentice champion Ricky Martin returns in tonight’s episode.


Not to compete. No, no, no. He’s the reflection of perfection, remember? He’s on the other side of the table, interviewing tonight’s final five – Roisin, Bianca, Mark, Solomon and Daniel – to help Lord Sugar whittle down to his final two for Sunday night’s final.

Ricky’s the first candidate ever to return in this capacity, although previous contestants from each series always return for the final task (yep, Sarah “we should cut up the lemons” Dales is back tonight).

But here, Ricky is actually advising Sugar. And he’s technically stepped into former aide Margaret Mountford’s spot, with the rest of the interviewing panel remaining the same as last year. Chairman of Viglen Claude Littner’s back, MediaCom’s Managing Director Claudine Collins is ready to go and so is CEO of Shortlist Media Mike Soutar.

It’s quite the line-up to join. Soutar’s favourite phrase is “I checked” – a false claim in any of the candidates’ applications will be found. Indeed, he was the one that popped that Rubik’s cube on the table last year to see if candidate Jordan Poulton could actually, as he boasted, complete it in under three minutes (he couldn’t).

Littner, of course, is well known for ripping business plans – and business professionals – to shreds. Ricky himself was branded an “arrogant fool” by Littner, who opened their interview with the rather terrifying, “I’ve been looking forward to this encounter”. Crass, obnoxious, infantile… all of these words were flung his way.

So can Ricky, who’s been there himself, pull out the highlighter and grill another candidate? Sat across from someone he knows hasn’t slept, has slaved over their business plan, can see the £250,000 investment slipping through their shaking fingers…

Well, as a recruitment specialist, interviews and matching people to the right job are Ricky’s game, so he could indeed be the perfect choice. His Hyper Recruitment Solutions company is clearly doing well – and with two years working for Lord Sugar under his belt, he knows what will and won’t fly with the big boss of the boardroom.

The production company is sure he’s is a good choice, too. “Ricky is well placed to feed back his opinion to Lord Sugar on the candidates’ suitability to set up a business with Lord Sugar beyond the process,” a spokesperson tells 

As long as he doesn’t compare himself to Thor the Norse god of thunder again, he should do just fine. 

In the meantime, let’s enjoy Ricky’s own interviews stage all over again…

See The Apprentice tonight at 9:00pm on BBC1