Have you ever lied about having watched a TV show?

From Breaking Bad to Borgen, we've all pretended we've seen the shows everyone else is talking about - now's the chance to come clean...

You know what it’s like – you come into the office in the morning/meet at the pub in the evening and everyone’s talking about that brilliant drama from last night or the new on-demand series that’s just landed on Netflix. You want to join in, you need to feel like you belong, so you lie and say you’ve seen it, avoiding any details and just using adjectives like “gripping”, “bleak” and “powerful”.


Well consider this a confessional, or an amnesty if you will, and get it off your chest – have you ever pretended you’ve watched TV shows that you haven’t? And if so, which ones? Unburden yourself of the guilt below – we promise, we won’t tell anyone. After all, would we lie to you…?