‘Bionic pop star’ Viktoria Modesta debuts music video during X Factor final ad breaks

Channel 4 presented viewers with a new kind of music act as part of its Born Risky campaign

Millions of viewers tuned in to last night’s X Factor final expecting to see either Ben Haenow or Fleur East getting their big break but unaware that they would also be introduced to another burgeoning singer.


Self-styled ‘bionic pop star’ Viktoria Modesta, who has had her left leg amputated, starred in clips from the video for her single Prototype which debuted during the Sunday night final’s ad break as part of Channel 4’s Born Risky campaign.  

Channel 4 capitalised on the millions of viewers watching the X Factor final – a show criticised by some for its focus on manufactured pop – showing Modesta dancing with a black pointed prosthetic limb, while playing her song which includes lyrics about “the model of the future”.

Dan Brooke, a Channel 4 spokesperson, said: “Channel 4 was born to be different: to offer alternative perspectives and to take creative risks, especially with new talent. In a world of homogenised pop, Viktoria is those values in a nutshell.”

Modesta had her leg amputated aged 20 after difficulties at birth resulted in mobility issues. She said: “The time for boring ethical discussions around disability is over. It’s only through feelings of admiration, aspiration, curiosity and envy that we can move forward.”

Born Risky aims to continue the legacy of the Superhumans campaign launched during the 2012 Paralympic Games. 


Watch the full Prototype video below.