Strictly Come Drinking: classy cocktails to enjoy with the semi-finals

A Strictly-inspired recipe to complement Saturday night's contest, with a sprinkling of gold for good measure’s TV Dinners series is designed to test your culinary mettle, whilst taking inspiration from some of your favourite television shows. From filling your empty belly with X Factor’s Chico-ry salad to an adventurous Bear Grylls insect treateat along with Homeland, or perhaps a slice of the supermodel lifestyle to enjoy with BINTM – each time the culinary magicians at Sous Chef will devise a new and exciting recipe for you to try…


How to combine flamboyant, stylish, sexy and classy into a cocktail? Easy, just add a pinch of Strictly Come Dancing! As Simon Webbe, Caroline Flack, Frankie Bridge, Mark Wright, Jake Wood and their dancing partners battle it out to be crowned the champion of ballroom dancing on Saturday, you needn’t miss out on any of the glitz or the glamour at home.

Soak up the Strictly fever with this gold-rimmed cocktail made with gin, lime, tonic and rhubarb syrup. The gold-rim, constructed from edible gold leaf flakes, really steals the show by catching the light and dazzling guests with its shimmering glow.

Strictly Come Dancing cocktail recipe
Serves two, in martini glasses

1 egg white
Edible gold leaf flakes
15ml rhubarb syrup
60ml gin
30ml lime juice
30ml sugar syrup
Tonic water

1.       Dip the rim of the cocktail glasses in the egg white.
2.       Use a toothpick or chopstick to dab the gold leaf flakes all around the rim of the glasses.
3.       Pour the rhubarb syrup into the bottom.
4.       Mix the gin, lime and sugar syrup together with a few ice cubes in a cocktail shaker.
5.       Delicately pour over the rhubarb syrup to achieve a graduated effect. This is best done using a cocktail strainer or by pouring the liquid over the back of a spoon into the glass.
6.       Top up the glasses with a little tonic water.
7.       Put on your glad rags, tune into Strictly and serve.


Watch Strictly Come Dancing tomorrow at 6:50pm on BBC1